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Terms & Privacy




    1. First name and last name (for natural persons), or name (for companies and other entities) along with an address, under which the business is registered (for companies, registry number is also needed)
    2. The minimal hardware requirements of the device that will be used by the client (for example: computer operating system, web browser, additional software, etc.)
    3. The type and range of service provided by the site.
    4. How an agreement may be reached via the site. An exemplary procedure can be as follows:
        1. Customer places an order via the website;
        2. Customer receives a verification via e-mail that the order was placed;
        3. Customer pays for the service;
        4. After the payment has been verified, the customer receives an e-mail verifying that he can use the service.
    5. Information about the available payment method for the order (credit card, debit card, transfer, etc).
    6. In case of periodic withdrawals from a card: Information that should the client choose this option, he agrees to periodic withdrawals from his account. If this service ordered for a test period: clear information about when the testing period will end and in what way a client may inform a merchant that he no longer wants to continue using this service, therefore continued withdrawals will not be possible.
    7. Information regarding the period of validity of a signed agreement concerning the extent of services provided by the site, that is for a specific period of time (for example: 5 months, until 06.07.2014, etc.), or indefinite period of time. If an agreement has been signed for an indefinite period of time, there has to be an information concerning a deadline, when either of the sides can terminate the agreement. Additionally, information about how a client can terminate a contract (through e-mail, written letter, etc.)
    8. If a natural person (customer) can order service, an agreement is signed for an unspecified period, at the same time information should be provided regarding the possibility to terminate the contract by either side without giving reason, within a one month period (a shorter term may be given, but it cannot be extended). Additionally, an information should be placed indicating how one can terminate the agreement (through e-mail, written letter, etc.)
    9. If a natural person (customer) can order service: information about the possibility to terminate an agreement by the client (customer), without giving a reason, within an appropriate period from the day that an agreement was signed. Additionally, information explaining that if the client does exercise this right in an appropriate manner, the paid amount will be returned through the same channel that was used to pay for the merchandise.
    10. Means by which a complaint for wrongdoing can be filed (for example customer service phone number, e-mail address, redirecting to a complaint form, etc.), and the amount of time it will take to consider the filed complaint.


Privacy policy

      1. If a website does not require a client to accept (for instance by checking a check-box) a clause which states that the site is allowed to process personal data, for example when a customer creates an account or orders merchandise, then the privacy policy should have stated the following: "Use of this site requires personal data processing of a client in the following matter: ... (for example: first name and last name, phone number, e-mail, billing address, etc.). Data will be processed by: Regrafo Translations in a way that is crucial to agreeing on a contract, as well as its fulfillment. Transaction data, in that personal data, can be transferred for the benefit of PayLane Sp. z o.o. located in Gdańsk at Arkońska 6/A3, zip code: 80-387, KRS: 0000227278, on the terms that it will beneficial on in service connected to order payments. A client has the right to see the content of his data and any corrections made to it. Sharing of information is voluntary, however, at the same time it is crucial to using this site" .
    2. Beside information that is mentioned in the above, there may be an optionally placed information stating that "Data will be processed by Regrafo Translations for direct marketing purposes or for services provided by Regrafo Translations, hereby a client has the right to decline the right to processing his data in this manner".
    3. Information stating that a merchant protects personal data from any form of unauthorized sharing, copying and taking by unauthorized personnel, processing in disregard to clauses, and changing, loss, defecting or destroying of data.